Pandani Program


Sun 3 Dec Lost World Grade: Medium - hard (Rough going up to Lost World, est. 5hr) Map reference: Tasmap Wellington Park Book by: 7:00pm Sat 2 Dec Start at: 10:30am Upper Springs car park Group limit: 12 Bring: The usual day-walk gear We`ll start from the Upper Springs car park and walk to the Chalet via Pinnacle & Organ Pipes tracks. Then from the Old Hobartians track we turn at the junction with the Lost World Track where quite a bit of clambering over very large rocks is required. Once we reach the Lost World, an area of collapsed dolerite columns with some caves, the views of Hobart are wonderful and you also have views of the summit from an unusual angle. We`ll have lunch at the Lost World and then walk out to the road, down to the Chalet, then return to our cars at the Springs.

Tue 5 Dec Myrtle Forest and East-West Trail Grade: Medium (est. +620m, 14km) Map reference: Collinsvale 1:25k or Wellington Park Recreation Map Book by: 8:00pm Wed 4 Dec Start at: 9:00am Foreshore at Derwent Entertainment Centre Car Park Group limit: 15 Bring: The usual day-walk gear A car shuttle will convey us to start and finish points in the Collinsvale area. The first part of the walk will be a 600m climb from the Myrtle Forest car park up to a high point just below Collins Bonnet. From there it is a long downhill walk with level sections, via the East-West Trail, past Mount Hull to the Goat Hills. The Zig Zag Trail will then take us down to our finish point east of Collinsvale.

Thu 7 Dec Pandani Christmas Party Start at: 7:00pm in the Auditorium, Ground Floor at the Phillip Smith Centre on the Domain. Yes, your committee is again organising the annual Christmas function. Keep the date free for another evening of celebration and the Annual Pandani Awards. More details to come. Food and drinks will be provided.

Thu 7 Dec Red Paint Track for Beginners Grade: Medium (est 10km, +250m, 5hr) Map reference: Wellington Park Recreation Map Book by: 7:30pm Wed 6 Dec Start at: 9:30am Upper Springs car park Bring: The usual day-walk gear. Of course this is a medium walk. However I shall try to be extra careful with walkers who have not done the track before. There will be some rocks to climb over and in wet weather these may be slippery in spots. The intention is that we car shuffle from the Upper Springs car park to The Chalet. We`ll then walk the reconstructed Organ Pipes Track to the Red Paint Track start and go up it. At about the half-way mark (and before the major rocks) we shall turn left over the Organ Pipes to have a nice view then continue on to reach the summit viewing area. Lunch may be here or nearby depending on weather. We then return to the Upper Springs via the South Wellington and Ice House tracks. Another shuffle is needed to bring back the cars at the Chalet. Coffee may be taken at the Springs or in Hobart.

Sat 9 Dec Mt Arthur Huts and Surrounds Grade: Medium (est. 5hr, short-ish) Map reference: Wellington Park/Mt Wellington Walks Book by: 8:00pm Fri 8 Dec Start at: 9:30am, Thark Ridge car park Group limit: Bring: The usual day-walk gear, 2 litres of water - None on track. Join me for a pre Christmas ramble round the Mt Arthur area. The pace will be relaxed, and there is little climbing involved. However, you do need to be able to negotiate rocks, both large and small, as well as scrub. There are three huts we can visit as well as the remains of an ice skating rink. The huts are all on track. The rink involves a bit of a walk through low scrub. If time permits, we can make a short detour to the Lost World, an area of caves and collapsed dolerite columns with great and unusual views of Hobart and of the Pinnacle area.

Tue 12 Dec Mount Connection Grade: Medium (est. 12km, 5hr) Map reference: Mt Wellington Walk Map Book by: 8:00pm Mon 11 Dec Start at: 9:30am from car park on left 300m up from Big Bend on Pinnacle Rd Group limit: 16 Bring: The usual day-walk gear This is an interesting walk over the back of the mountain with good views unless clouded in. We start by descending a rocky fire trail from Big Bend, then follow a trail through low eucalypts, then duckboard over open heathland. The final scramble to the summit is off track but should not be a problem. We may take a different route back to avoid the steep fire trail climb on the return!

Thu 14 Dec Snug Christmas Walk Grade: Easy Map reference: Page 203, Tasmanian Towns Street Atlas Book by: 8:00pm Tue 12 Dec Start at: 10:00am, picnic ground southern end of Snug beach Bring: The usual day-walk gear, plus something to share for Christmas lunch We will walk back along the foreshore then follow the Snug River to the Channel Highway, cross the highway and proceed behind the houses towards Snug Tiers, cross river and follow a bush track back to a picnic spot beside the river for morning break. Cross the highway, up the old highway and through Electrona to the waterfront, down and across the bridge, along the beach to the end and back to the picnic ground for lunch.

Sat 16 Dec Eve Peak Grade: Medium - hard (long) Map reference: Anne 1:25k Book by: Wed 13 Dec Start at: 6:00am Granton Group limit: 8 Bring: The usual alpine day-walk gear, and at least 2litres of water. Remember to bring a complete change of clothes for the trip home and a bag for dirty boots, gaiters and clothes. After an early start and a brief stop in New Norfolk we`ll drive to the Condominium Creek trailhead. The first 3.5km will be a 960m climb to the Eliza Plateau. After a 2.5km, undulating, ramble across the Plateau (including at least one scree field) we will climb to the summit of Eve Peak, 1358m. From here, weather permitting, we should have good views of Mt Anne, Lot, Lightning Ridge, Mt Sarah Jane and Lake Judd. Not to forget possible 360 degree views of the Southwest mountains. This will be a challenging and physically demanding walk. Anticipate about 13km/8-10 hours of walking and a late finish.

Sat 16 Dec Mount Anne Grade: Hard Map reference: Anne 1:25k Book by: 8:00pm Wed 13 Dec Start at: 6:00am Granton Group limit: 10 Bring: The usual alpine day-walk gear, regardless of the weather forecast bring warm clothes suitable for alpine conditions and sufficient food for a long day. Mt Anne is located in the South West National Park it is challenging walk of 14.6km which will take at least 9 -10 hours and involves over 1400m of climbing. You should only attempt this walk if you are fit, have experience at alpine walks, like rock scrambling, have good balance and are not afraid of heights. The track to high camp hut is good and will normally be reached in less than 2 hours. The climb to Mt Eliza involves negotiating boulder fields. From Mt Eliza we will cross the Eliza Plateau then onto a larger boulder field before turning off to climb Mt Anne. The final section involves crossing several exposed ledges and boulders. If this is not your cup of tea you may wish to wait at the base of the final climb and enjoy lovely views of Lots Wife. In nice weather the views are stunning!

Tue 19 Dec The Needles Grade: Medium Map reference: Lake Pedder 1:50k Book by: 8:00pm Mon 18 Dec Start at: 8:00am Granton Bring: The usual day-walk gear The series of jagged faced ridge line known as the Needles is located on the northern fringe of the Southwest National Park and provides the setting for one of the most rewarding short walks in Southern Tasmania. The walk is a constant but manageable climb of 400m spread out over 1.5km through to the final summit. From the top (1020m) climbing efforts are rewarded with uninterrupted views; Mt Anne to the south, Mt Field West to the north and glimpses of Lake Pedder and Gordon to the west. Return by the same track.

Sat 23 Dec Split Rock & Rats Castle Grade: Medium - hard Map reference: Split Rock Book by: 8:00pm Wed 20 Dec Start at: 6:30am Granton Group limit: 10 Bring: The usual alpine day-walk gear The aim is to visit both high points next to the Great Lake on the Central Plateau. These are both off-track walks and involve a fair amount of scree and boulder hopping. I`m told there are good views on a nice day so have ordered some good weather. Approx 8.5 hours of walking total.

Sat 30 Dec Bastian Bluff and Ironstone Mountain Grade: Medium - hard (long) Map reference: Lake Mackenzie & Quamby Bluff 1:25k Book by: Wed 27 Dec Start at: 6:00am Granton Group limit: 8 Bring: The usual alpine day-walk gear, and at least 2litres of water. Remember to bring a complete change of clothes for the trip home and a bag for dirty boots, gaiters and clothes. After an early start and a brief stop in Campbell Town we`ll drive to the Meander Falls Road. Then taking the Stone Hut Track and Dell Track we will climb through forest and scree slopes to Bastion Bluff,1398m. Time and weather permitting we will follow either the cliff line or a compass bearing to Ironstone Mountain,1444m. We will then return either via the same route or the Ironstone Track. Anticipate about 20km of walking.
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