How to Join The Club

Membership Application Form
Membership is open to all persons interested in taking part in the club's activities, there is no compulsory skills training prior to joining the club, however new and existing members are encouraged to participate in the club's training activities.

Prospective members are welcome to complete up to two of the activities within a six month period, after which they are expected to become members. If after reading the Pandani Program activities summary you wish to participate please contact the Program Coordinator and a full program will be emailed to you. Once you have picked out a trip you would like to join, please contact the Trip Coordinator, shown in the program, to register your interest and to discuss your fitness and relevant experience for the trip you are interested in.

If you are joining a walk you will need suitable footwear for the trip and appropriate wet/warm weather clothing as weather conditions can change unexpectedly. Please be mindful that jeans are not considered by the club as appropriate wear.

It is recommended that your first walk not be harder than medium.

Members are currently entitled to discounts of 10% at most bushwalking shops in Hobart and 25-30% at Mountain Designs.

For subscription and payment details download the Membership Application Form. To join forward your completed form and payment to the Membership Secretary at

Pandani Bushwalking Club Inc
P.O. Box 146
North Hobart
Tasmania 7002

Alternatively, for Direct Deposit only:
Scan your completed form and email it to MemberPayment as an attachment. If you do a direct deposit be sure to include your name and the direct deposit receipt or write it on the form before scanning.

The above photo is of walkers heading along the Horse Track towards Ronny Creek after a snow storm. The Horse Track , originally known as the Pack Horse Trail, was cut in 1898 to facilitate the access of mountain cattlemen and their herds to the central plateau. [Photo: Terry Vince]