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 Secretary  Chris Wilson  secretary @ 
 Membership Secretary  Urszula Stanny  membership @ 
 Program Coordinator  Jess McDonald  programcoordinator @ 
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Membership Enquiries
Membership Secretary or write to;
The Membership Secretary, Pandani Bushwalking Club, P.O Box 146 North Hobart, Tasmania, 7002.

Come to a club meeting, held at 7:30 pm on the first Wednesday of the month (except December and January) at "The Retreat" Room, 1st. Floor, Phillip Smith Education Centre, Glebe, Hobart (see map below for location).

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Kayaking has become popular among Club members who own their own kayaks and kayaking trips are a regular feature of the program. The photo above is of a group of club members' kayaks pulled ashore. [Photo: Terry Vince]