Pandani Newsletter

The Club publishes a quarterly newsletter that contains news about the club’s activities and members as well as informative articles of interest to all. Club members are invited to submit articles about recent activities, photos, poems, equipment or even recipes suitable to camping or long trips, which will be published with acknowledgement of the author. Members may also include items about non-Club trips which would be of general interest to members.

Submissions should be emailed to the Editor.

The Newsletter is called Pandani Post and is published every 3 months starting January. An electronic version, in PDF format, is emailed to all members who receive the Program by email. If you change your email address make sure to let the Membership Secretary know. Others receive a hard copy version by post. Email is preferred due to the costs associated with printing and mailing. Provided below is an archive of previous newsletters.

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PP July 2012web.pdf

PP April 2012 web.pdf

PP January 2012 web.pdf

PP October 2011 web.pdf

PP July 2011 web.pdf

PP April 2011 web.pdf

PP January 2011 web.pdf

Other Archived Items

(none at present)

The photo above was taken during lunch on a Club walk to Jordan River Gorge. Photographer: [Susan Gardner]